Top ‘Bathroom Trends’ For 2021

One overlooked, but very important room in the house is your bathroom. It’s where you look after yourself, a room of solitude and solace (hopefully, unless you have kids, then good luck with that). If you have a bit of a budget this year for some home renovations, as you’re still under a lockdown of some sort and have decided to spend your free time being productive inside the house, consider the following options for your bathroom remodel.

Black and white is back

One of the greatest trends of the year is the return of high contrast colour to your bathroom. Or rather, a lack of colour. White tile is now to be complemented by black accents – this means light fixtures, medicine cabinets, and accent shelving. Black is particularly popular among those who don’t quite like the muted grey and would like to establish a contrast, chessboard-esque bathroom.

Making the most of soaking space

Increasingly in 2020, people were feeling the need to relax. That hasn’t changed this year and therefore people are making accommodations in their bathrooms for that. Smaller bathrooms are becoming more common and so folks are adapting their bathtub size to allow for maximum relaxation in a small space.

Smart bathrooms

2021 is going to continue to be a year of technological innovation, this is also true of your bathroom. From smart toilets and showers to drawers that’ll keep your clothes or towels warm all by themselves. Another fantastic technological innovation in the bathroom is the advent of things like smart mirrors – that can provide real-time weather and traffic updates, so you’ll be all set to step outside in the morning after your shower.

Warm colour palettes

Given the past year, we’ve all wanted to feel some semblance of positivity and warmth in our lives in many areas. This extends to our decor. It’s why people more often than not choose bright, happy photographic images to display in their homes, rather than dark and moody, black-and-white works. The same is true of our bathroom spaces in 2021. Warm yellows, beiges, and whites are the colours of choice for decorating your bathroom in 2021.

The wood look

Everyone loves a wooden look to their decor, whether that’s furniture or flooring, and the bathroom is no exception. Wood-look hardwood or click-flooring is available to many, though people often try to avoid real wood in a damp space, therefore may choose the laminate, faux-wood option. Faux wood also makes a popular accent for around the shower.

Vintage back in style

Vintage has made quite a comeback this year, with brass and gold re-entering the minds of interior decorators, hired by those looking for a certain look. Got a claw-foot bathtub? Go with gold faucets and showerheads, with the white tops to bring it all the way back to the 50s and 60s. Brass is also making a comeback, mostly in the accents – mirrors and taps, for example – this is due to its warm colouration, which goes very well with a typical white tile wall.

Heated flooring

Drawers aren’t the only things bringing you comfortable heat – another design trend stretching into 2021 is heated flooring. This technology has been around for a while in homes, but its introduction into the bathroom is a fairly new thing, but there’s perhaps no better place to put it. Nobody likes walking onto a cold bathroom floor in the morning – not the wake-up we want. Heated flooring can be a blessing, particularly if you have tile flooring.

A bathroom remodel is always welcome, particularly if you’ve had your old bathroom for a while, or if you’ve just moved into a new place and are looking for an excuse to tear something apart. Whether you’re looking to the future with new tech, or the past with brass and gold accents, 2021 is a great year to be remodelling your bathroom.

If you’re still under a lockdown or looking for a fresh start for your home, time to start with home renovations. And, if you need a hand with your bathroom plumbing, then get in touch with Professional Plumbing NSW today!